African Blue Arp Parsley, Italian Aloe
Cinnamon Gorizia Alpine Strawberries Comfrey
Genovese Herb Cottage Arugula - Roquette Elderberry
Lemon Hill Hardy Arugula - Sylvetta Feverfew
Marseille Spice Island Chives - Garlic Lemon Balm
Spicy Globe Bush Barbecue Chives - Onion Valerian
Thai Prostrate Rosemary Garden Sorrel Stevia
Greek Columnar   Nasturtium  
  OREGANO Salad Burnet THYME
SAGE Hardy Marjoram Shiso Britton Caraway
Bergartten Hot and Spicy   English
Common Garden Italian DECORATIVE Lemon Golden
Grower's Friend Sweet Marjoram Catmint  
Mexican Leucantha True Greek Eucalyptus Silver $ OTHER
Pineapple   Golden Oregano COOKING HERBS
  MINTS Kents Beauty Bay Laurel
LAVENDER Berries and Cream Oregano Fennel-Bronze
French Fringed Blue Balsam Lady's Mantle Lemongrass
Grosso Candy Lambs Ear Lemon Verbena
Hidcote Chocolate Pinewood Thyme Mex. Mint Marigold
Otto Quast Curly Roman Chamomile Tarragon - French
Provence Grapefruit Russian Sage  
Sweet Kentucky Colonel Veronica "Goodness" INSECT
Pinnata Lime   REPELLENT
  Mojito   Copper Canyon
  Orange   Tagetes
  Peppermint   Lemon Eucalyptus
  Spearmint "The Best"   Peppermint
  Wrigley's   Tansy
      Tansy - Curled
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